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100% Soft Charismatic ‘U Beauty’ At ‘Inkigayo’

[TV Report Reporter Hwang Ji Yong] 

The idol group 100% sang ‘U Beauty’ sweetly on the 27th July episode of SBS ‘Inkigayo’ dressed in red outfits. 

The song represents the love of a guy for a girl and 100% performed the song with both charisma and gentleness. 

'U Beauty' is a refreshing summer song with rhythmic melody and leaves a lasting impression with its bold lyrics.

Other artists who appeared on today’s ‘Inkigayo’ include Infinite, Sistar, Girl’s Day, BEAST, Homme, B1A4, AOA, 100%, Henry, Heyne, Block B, NU’EST, BESTie, LU:KUS, Ye-A, Boys Republic and J-Min. 


Netizen Comments

1. This phrase is really suitable for these guys. I hope soft charismatic 100% gain more experiences and strengthen their skills so that the public will refer them as soft charismatic 100% in the future. 

2. (100% was) really beautiful today~ 100% Fighting~

3. Was (100%) this beautiful before?? 

4. 100% members were really beautiful today~ Their expressions were bright too~

5. Everyone looked good and it was a fantastic performance ^^ Personally, today’s outfit was the most beautiful ^^ In my eyes, 100% is the most beautiful and the most handsome~ 100% Fighting!! Good luck!!

6. 100% is really unfortunate ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ They’ll be more successful if the company helps them out more…sigh…they don’t frequently appear on shows too…100%! Let’s cheer up and work hard! 

7. I enjoyed today’s handsome and perfect performance~ Thank you ^^ I’m always supporting you ^^ Fighting ^^ 

8. It was an adorable, beautiful and cool performance. As expected from 100% ^^ The song is nice, the members are charming and talented~ Just like their name, I can feel they’re 100% ready.

9. 100% looked really good

source: TV Report via News Naver

I also want to see them on variety shows….im always here for you….100% 짱!!!!


[140721] (AKI’s Twitter Update)





[TRANS] After-concert party!

I received the CD. Really happy. 

I seriously recommend (you to listen to) 100%.

I was so happy that I hold the album reversely (and upside down). 

Note: Tomoyama Akihiro aka AKI was the MC at the concert 

Translated by shiroirukaze (Please take out with credits)

(Source: rockhyuncutie)


[140720] (AKI’s Twitter Update)

【100% 2014 JAPAN COOL TOUR】見に来てくれた方ありがとう!




[TRANS] Thank you to everyone who came for the [100% 2014 JAPAN COOL TOUR] concert! 

The members, staffs and fans are so kind! It was a fun day. 

I was told by the members I looked like the L.Joe of Noppo (Takami Noppo?) (laughs)

I want to work together with them again. 

Note: Tomoyama Akihiro aka AKI was the MC at the concert 

Translated by shiroirukaze (Please take out with credits)

(Source: rockhyuncutie)


[140720] (100%’s Japan Twitter Update)


[TRANS] Did you enjoy the afternoon session? The members are in the middle of having an interview. You’ll be able to meet them soon. See you at the night session♪ 

Translated by shiroirukaze (Please take out with credits)

(Source: rockhyuncutie)


[Jonghwan] Recently 

It’s really, really hot recently isn’t it?

That’s why I brought you a present. 

This time we’ve prepared U Beauty with Rokhyun playing the piano!!!!!

You didn’t expect Rokhyun to be such a sweet guy did you?

If Perfections show a hot response, we’ll prepare a full version next time :)

If the response is flaming hot, we’ll prepare a version with Changbum and Chanyong singing keke 

U Beauty Piano Version

source: 100% Official Fancafe 


100% VS Boys Republic…A Repeat Of Infinite VS Teen Top Friendly Rivalry 3 Years Ago

[EDaily Starin Reporter Kim Eun Goo]

100% and Boys Republic are repeating the Infinite and Teen Top friendly rivalry from 3 years ago. 

100% is currently promoting the title track <U Beauty> from their Cool Summer Album <SUNKISS> which was released on 7th July while Boys Republic will release their new single <Dress Up> on 25th July. 

The comebacks of these 2 groups share a lot of similarities with what happened 3 years ago between Infinite and Teen Top in July 2011. Both Infinite and Teen Top exploded on the KPop scene with their ‘synchronized group dance’ when they debuted in June and July 2010 respectively. They attracted attention for their strong performances and great vocal skills but didn’t gain fame overnight. Instead, their golden chance came in July 2011 with Infinite’s <Be Mine> and 5 days later, Teen Top’s <No More Perfume On You>. Both these songs have slower tempo and bold lyrics which struck straight and stirred women hearts. 

Infinite won No. 1 for the first time with <Be Mine> on Mnet MCountdown music program while Teen Top continued on the ‘Noona trend’ which started from Lee Seung Gi’s <Because You’re My Girl> in 2004 and SHINee’s <Noona You’re So Pretty> in 2008 with their song <No More Perfume On You>. 

Both 100%, which debuted in September 2012, and Boys Republic, which debuted in June 2013, have yet to gain strong, satisfying popularity with their manly concepts so far. 

Therefore they decided to change their images with 100% going for a brighter and more cheerful concept through <U Beauty>. The bold lyrics of a guy’s love confession and the ‘shooting love bullets’ dance move aimed directly at women hearts solidified 100% image as ‘Boyfriend-dols’. 

Similarly, Boys Republic’s <Dress Up> music video teaser featured the youngest member, Suwoong excitedly and with a fluttering heart, asking a girl out on a date, making the fantasy dream of many girls come true with their ‘A Boyfriend Who Is A Fool For His Girlfriend’ concept. 

According to the Boys Republic’s members, “This is the most heartwarming song we’ve ever recorded” and “We were told that this song suits us the best”. 

Both 100% and Boys Republic went through the same situation as Infinite and Teen Top of not gaining fame overnight and this friendly rivalry between them might be their base to skyrocketing popularity in the future. 


Netizen Comments

1. Boys Republic Fighting!!!!!

2. I’m an Inspirit but…woah! time really passed by quickly that both Infinite and Teen Top are considered as senior groups now…Infinite was pit against Teen Top as rival groups for the first time during the Flower Bouquet variety show…and I’m sure that was to create excitement for the viewers…anyway I’ll look forward to both 100% and Boys Republic performances~ ^^

3. 100% is talented and their songs are nice but it’s a pity that they didn’t have any luck…many people seemed to like <U Beauty> this time so as a fan, I’m proud…I hope 100% will be successful and go up and up smoothly in the future~ ^^ Please show your supprot for 100% ^_^ 100% Fighting!!!! Boys Republic too Fighting~ 

4. I’m curious about and looks like they’ll have a comeback soon~ Let’s be successful Infinite & Teen Top! Infinite back Daebak! Teen Top be back!

5. No matter which group it is Infinite & Teen Top are the best!!! Angels, let’s be friends and don’t fight with each other!! 

6. Both teams be successful!!!!!!! +__+ 

7. Infinite & Teen Top forever! Inspirit & Angels forever! Infinite Teen Top be successful!!

8. This might be a bold opinion but 100% is the most talented. But this is just an opinion. No fans would want to compare their favorite group with other groups. So in order not to hurt any feelings, all groups are talented. There’s no way to compare. I apologize if my words are too extreme. This is just my opinion. 

9. Talented idol 100%~ I really, really like <U Beauty> ^^ I think 100% will definitely make it to the top in the future! 100% Fighting~!! ^^

10. Infinite & Teen TopAngels, let not fight with each other and let’s aim to stay in for the ling run

11. The truth about Infinite & Teen Top

12. Boys Republic Fighting~ 100% too Fighting!♥~~~Both Fighting

13. I’m Infinite’s fan. 100% fan, why are you apologizing? And Infinite & Teen Top fans, the idols themselves are on good terms with each other so the fans too please be friendly with each other and you know it doesn’t make sense to create unnecessary tension between the fandoms right? kekeke Based on my 4 years experience as in a fandom, the best way is to be friendly with each other and it’s good for the idols too.

14. I love Infinite & Teen TopInfinte & Teen Top let’s be together forever!

15. Woah~ as expected Infinite & Teen Top!!♥ Infinite back be successful!!

16. Talented idol 100% Fighting!! No matter what others might say our 100% are the best~

17. Infinite & Teen TopIt has been a long time Infinite & Teen Top!!!!! Let’s be together forever Infinite & Teen TopWin-Win~ ^^ 

18. No matter what others might say 100%

19. I love you 100%

20. Infinite & Teen Top too100% tooBoys Republic tooI hope everyone be successful~

21. 100%Talented idol sings really well

22. I like talented idol 100% but Infinite & Teen Top are the best!

source: EDaily Starin 

100% and Boys Republic be successful….


100% Solo Concert In Japan…Displaying Their Charming Points

The group behind the popular ‘U Beauty’ song which grabbed women hearts, 100% has successfully wrapped up their 1st solo concert in Japan for this year. 

100% charmed the Japanese fans with their various attractiveness during the ‘100% 2014 JAPAN COOL LIVE’ concert held at Maihama Amphitheater, Chiba Prefecture on 20th July. 

In addition to revealing the performances of the songs ‘U Beauty’ and ‘Summer Hero’ for the 1st time on the stage, the members also stole many Japanese fans hearts as well as stirred many fans hears with their special unit stage, ballad, dance and hip hop performances. 

The confession event to grab women hearts by the 100% members in conjunction with their title track ‘U Beauty’ became a hot topic when each member invited audiences to go up the stage and the 5 members displayed their 5 different love confessions. And in doing this, the Japanese fans too acknowledged 100% title as ‘Boyfriend-dols’ amidst loud cheers from the fans in the hall. 

100% will continue with their refreshing summer title track ‘U Beauty’ promotion activities after this Japan concert.


Netizen Comments

1. Congratulations in successfully wrapping up your Japan concert. I hope you’ll have a concert in Korea soon too. I really miss you 100%. 

2. It’s a pity I wasn’t able to attend the Japan concert~ Please have a concert in Korea too. 

3. I want to see 100% have a concert in Korea soon too ^^ Congratulations for successfully completing the concert ^^ In the future too fighting!! ^^ 

4. Please have a concert in Korea too~ I miss you ^^

5. I hope that you’ll have a concert in Korea this year too!!

source: DongA via News Naver


[140720] 100% JAPAN COOL LIVE Fan Account

Venue: Maihama Amphitheater

Day Session

It was a HOT summer afternoon (both the weather and concert-goers). The concert goods started to go on sale as early as 11:00AM but we weren’t allowed in the concert hall till 1:00PM.

I really love the simple but very adorable design of the Eco Bag and signed SUNKISS (and BEAT) albums!! 

The Japanese Perfections gathered some money for a “Balloon & Flower Basket Project” for the members (as you can see in the photo above and the ones released on 100% official Facebook). In addition, they also prepared a “Food Support Project”, grilled meat dinner boxes for the members

I was really surprised how close the seats are to the stage, those sitting at the front seats could literally see and touch the artists! Mine wasn’t exactly a good seat but I’m close enough to the stage to be able to see the boys close-up and far enough to take photos and videos secretly undetected. The staffs did check all the bags (we have to open up them to let them see what’s inside) before each sessions so yes, they were that strict. 

The stage was wide and there was a platform built at the back portion of the stage. I’ve been to all of 100% concerts and this was definitely the biggest stage they’ve ever stood in Japan. I’m praying hard that they’ll be able to fulfill their wish of holding a concert in Tokyo Dome, which is 5 times bigger, one day in the future.


Song 1: U Beauty

They members appeared on the stage dressed in white costumes and this being the title track they’re promoting right now, everyone knew the fanchants and were chanting along. One word to sum it up - flawless! I definitely will remember that moment seeing the members do those splits and Jonghwan’s “triple spins” live right in front of my eyes!


Song 2: Want You Back

I missed the OTP7 version but OTP5 did a good job. Changbum took over Sanghun’s part and I still get chills each time I hear Rokhyun and Hyukjin perfect synchronization during the bridge.


Break 1: Self-Introductions

The members introduced themselves as a group and as individuals in Japanese. I laughed out loud at Hyukjin’s “I’m 100% handsome, manly man”. 


Song 3: You and I

Just say I melted throughout the whole song~ Listening to them singing and dancing to this live is purely heaven especially Rockhyun’s angelic voice (♡_♡)


Song 4: Bad Girl

I didn’t expect them to have a dance for Bad Girl but WOW! It wasn’t as flashy as Why or as physically demanding as the other title tracks but there was an “electro dance” part somewhere in the middle of the song featuring the members displaying short but cool techno dance moves! Awesome!


Song 5: Cause You’re Beautiful

All of them were dancing happily to the song with all those playful dance movements such as sticking their foreheads together (Rokhyun+Jonghwan and Chanyong+Hyukjin) and turned to face the audience. One word to sum this performance: FUN!


Break 2: Game

The MC of the day, Tomoyama Aki (巴山晶博) appeared to conduct the game corner. This was probably the most EXCITING and HEART FLUTTERING game I’ve ever witnessed really. 

The title of the game was “100% Confession” and before the game started, the MC asked a few questions.

MC: Which member is the best at confessing their love?

Audience: Jonghwan!!

Members: Changbum

MC: So are you good in confessing your love Changbum?

Changbum: Yes (straight away)

MC: How do you confess?

Changbum: Huh? -he didn’t understand the question so the interpreter had to explain it properly to him- (lol)

MC: Are you the sweet, shy type or the direct type?

Changbum: I’ll confess directly (smile)

MC: You’re pretty confident aren’t you? (teasingly) 

Changbum: -smiles- 

MC: Okay so here are the rules for this game.

Basically, the members have to choose a random member from the audience (we were told to put our ticket stubs in the box of our favorite member at the entrance earlier) and confess to him/her (yes, they were fanboys or boyfriends tagging along with their girlfriends).

Once a lucky audience was chosen, the members walked directly to that person and personally escorted him/her to the stage (aww~) I was sitting near the aisle they were passing through and although all of the members passed me by, only Rokhyun and Jonghwan smiled at me when I greeted them (^^)

After everyone has gathered back on stage, each member were given a single stalk of red rose and Chanyong volunteered to go first. 

Chanyong’s confession: Went down on one knee and took him some time before he said “You’re beautiful. I love you.” in Japanese. (his Japanese is good really)

Hyukjin’s confession: Went down on both knees (just like the Beat chorus dance move) until the members told him to do with one leg and he sang “You and I” to the girl and ended it up with a hug. (what a sweetie)

Rockhyun: How are we supposed to confess with these 2 guys setting the bar so high? (lol he was taking the game very seriously)

Changbum’s confession: A back hug and whisper of “I love you” in the ears. (OMG! >//< -heart pounding-) 

Rokhyun’s confession: Pacing around shyly before walking slowly towards the girl and said “I love you” before erupting into his trademark laughter due to embarrassment. He also hugged her in the end. (kind angel~)

Jonghwan’s confession: The girl was initially confused whether to face the audience or face Jonghwan and Jonghwan approached her to ask for her name, added her name into the U Beauty lyrics and serenaded her with the revised version of U Beauty plus a hug at the end.

MC: Now we will ask the audience to choose the best and worst confession. Please clap and cheer loudly if you like the confession made by [member’s name]. 

MC: Changbum received the loudest cheers so he’s the winner! 

Changbum: -did the archangel pose-

MC: Just as expected from the confident Changbum. How do you feel being chosen as the winner?

Changbum: This is my 1st time confessing to a girl…

Other members: Eii~ 

Jonghwan: This isn’t your 1st time though…

Changbum: -approached Jonghwan menacingly- 

MC: Alright guys, no fighting please. 

Changbum: No, seriously this is my 1st confession. I used to be a “love messenger” (help his friends to confess to girls) but this is really my 1st time confessing directly to a girl. 

MC: Okay so Changbum is the winner and now we have to choose the worst but I think it’s hard. Why don’t we let Changbum decide on the loser and at the same time, come up with the penalty as well for that loser. 

Jonghwan: Handsome Prince! -does a heart above his heart- 

Changbum: -ignores- Let have a members appeal (show their charms) time. 

-a short moment of silence-

MC: Looks like the members are not interested in appealing to you. 

Rockhyun: You know I love you right? Changbum-ah~ -walks over to Changbum with a heart above his head-

Changbum: I know I know 

Rockhyun: What did you just say? 

Hyukjin+Jonghwan: He’s asking you to go back to your position 

Rockhyun: -walks back slowly to his position- 

Hyukjin: Yo! Room mate! My room mate! -walks over and gives Changbum a hug-

Changbum: Yo! Room mate! -hugs Hyukjin back-

Chanyong: -aegyo that makes everyone curled their toes and nails- 

(Chanyong was so embarrassed after doing that aegyo that he collapsed on the floor) 

MC: So which member will Changbum choose? 

Changbum: Jonghwan-hyung! 

Jonghwan: Why?? Why?? 

MC: Ah! You have to think of the penalty too. 

Changbum: Stand in front of the stage and write your name in English with your butt. 

Audience: -loud cheers- 

Jonghwan: -panicked- 

(But Jonghwan did it in the end. It was weird and totally funny seeing him wriggling his butt)

Jonghwan: My name in English is so long! 

MC: So that wraps up the game corner. Thank you to the audience who participated and the members, please kindly escort them back to their seats. 

(I get another round of the members passing by in front of me again ^^)


[outfit changing time]


Song 6: Flavor

Chanyong, Rockhyun and Changbum climbed up the platform to form a row at the top while Jonghwan and Hyukjin stood at the center of the stage below. Sweet serenade for the fans. 


Song 7: Phone

Chanyong and Changbum came down and went backstage while Rockhyun joined Jonghwan and Hyukjin on the stage. The dried ice special effects and lighting made the whole stage appeared dreamy and as if the members were standing on a sea of clouds. Beautiful setting with beautiful voices~ 


[outfit changing time]


Song 8: Beat

There was a technical (and probably timing) error when the Beat video and audio were played before the members were ready for the performance so both Chanyong and Hyukjin said on the microphone “We’re sorry~!” “Please wait a little longer~” from backstage. So cute~

The members finally came out and just as expected, the performance was very intense and personally, seeing the members’ facial expressions up-close was really surreal. I still remembered Rockhyun’s expression vividly especially. Very impressed by the amount of hard work, dedication and those tiny attentions they put into this performance. 

The only drawback is that this was when Chanyong began to show signs of faltering and he actually stumbled once during the performance. Our hearts were silently breaking inside as many of us shouted his name to encourage him on. They completed the performance safely but I didn’t expect the next song to be as equally intense as this. 


Song 9: Why 

I’m like “Oh no! Chanyong-ah~!!” when the music came on because him being in pain was clearly written all over his face but he didn’t give up and performed well right to the end. 

If I can declare my love for him, it’s not because of I love him as a guy but I love and respect his professionalism as an artist whose job is to make sure the audience enjoy the performance. Definitely 2 thumbs up for him and he truly shined brightly on the stage. 


Break 3: Members Talk

Chanyong: This is our 3rd time here in Japan so do you have anything memorable for you, Rockhyun-hyung?

Rockhyun: I went shopping at Don Quixote (a large chain store selling all sorts of quirky stuffs) and was fascinated by the items sold there. 

Chanyong: For me, I’ve watched the Japanese drama “Shitsuren Chocolatier” (Heartbroken Chocolatier) lately and I was touched by it. 

Jonghwan: Didn’t you watch that drama because you like the leading actress (Ishihara Satomi)? 

Chanyong: No it’s not that. I like and empathize with the main character that’s all. Please don’t misunderstand everyone. 

Hyukjin: I like Japanese food. They’re really delicious. The Melon Soda is fantastic! Melon Soda, Okonomiyaki (Japanese style pizza), Takoyaki (octopus balls) and the one we had yesterday…what was it called again? Fried meat with spicy sauce…ah~ I can’t remember the name but it was delicious.

Chanyong: Didn’t you drink alcohol yesterday?

Hyukjin: Ei~ How can I drink alcohol when we have a concert today. 

Changbum: I clearly remembered you drank beer on the plane yesterday.

Hyukjin: I didn’t! I’m hurt by your (unfair?) comments.

Changbum: (I seriously can’t remember what he said, sorry ><)

Chanyong: Shall we go on to the next song? 

Jonghwan: Guy Like Me? (he said this in English) 


Song 10: Guy Like Me

They kept the members original voices (aww~) so we could still hear Sanghun’s voice when he sang together with Jonghwan in the 2nd verse. That tugged a little at my heart. 


Song 11: 100% VMissing You

Changbum disappeared backstage while the rest of the 100% V sang this sweet ballad~ 


[outfit changing time]


Song 12: This Love by G-Dragon

By Changbum feat Hyukjin. I was impressed by Changbum’s rapping skills. He has certainly improved a lot since his debut days but he still has long way to go to to be as equally good as his favorite idol mentor, G-Dragon. 

Hyukjin’s clear, high-pitched vocals surprising matched Changbum’s high-toned rap well. It was fun and enjoyable to see both these 2 maknae line running around and jumping up and down on the stage. 


Break 4: Video Time

The members were shown discussing and assigning Arashi’s Happiness song parts to each member. They also taught the audience how to do the fanchant (Hashiridase YEAH! Hashiridase YEAH!) and in the end, they had a short Japanese quiz asking the members the meaning behind the Japanese lyrics (check out the meaningful lyrics) in which Jonghwan was the judge (because his Japanese is the best among the members?) and Rockhyun was 1st place and he chose Changbum for the 2nd place and Hyukjin was placed last (lol). Hyukjin was still grumbling “Why?” at the end of the video. 


Song 13: Arashi’s Happiness

I really enjoyed and had fun watching the members dancing and playing around with each other on the stage. Their bright smiles couldn’t be brighter and their playful antics (Jonghwan lying down on Rockhyun’s stomach) and the members posing adorably while lying on the floor were really a sight to remember. 

On top of that, I’m an Arashi fan since their debut days too so hearing my favorite Kgroup singing my favorite Jgroup song brings tears to my eyes and memories came rushing back. It was a 100% great cover and the members did really well! 


Song 14: Summer Hero

Finally! My long awaited performance! I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I heard the song and read the lyrics >M< and I can say 100% never failed to impress me each time. The performance was bubbly and lively unlike the serious tone of the lyrics which is a good thing because it matched well with the refreshing music but you can feel the members sincere feelings from their dance moves (especially when they did a bow as a way of saying thank you to the fans). 

If I have to pick my favorite performance of the concert, this would be the one! (^^) 


Break 5: Ending Talk

Changbum: The veins on Hyukjin’s neck appeared suddenly when he was singing (during Arashi’s Happiness or Summer Hero, I can’t remember which ><). Are you alright?

Hyukjin: As long as I’m singing for all the Perfections in Japan now, I’m alright. I wanted to show my best performance so I did my best and that’s why those veins popped up. 

Chanyong: Is Hyukjin handsome when he sings with veins popping out?

Audience: -loud cheers and applauses for Hyukjin’s hard work- 

Chanyong: I got it. I have to show off my veins too. 

Other members: -everyone was trying to make their veins on their hands pop out- (lol)

Rockhyun: We’ll now sing our last song for the day. 


Song 15: Only You

I was sad to know it was already the last song that I barely remembered what happened during this song. 



All the fans shouted “100% (Baek Per Sen Teu!)” for a few minutes before the screen showed the members holding boards with phrases:

Hyukjin: Did you enjoy our concert today?

Jonghwan: We hope you had fun!

Chanyong: But we don’t want to leave just yet!

Rockhyun: It’s a pity to say goodbye now isn’t it?

Changbum: Let’s hear your cheers! 


Encore Song 1: Bad Boy

The members appeared from the bottom of the stage and Rockhyun did Minwoo’s part while Changbum took over Sanghun’s part. The fanchant for this song was the loudest yet because everyone already knew this by heart. 


Encore: Talk

Each member thanked the audience for coming to the concert and promised to meet everyone again. 


Encore Song 2: U Beauty Revised version 

The members assigned the parts there and then on the stage so in the end, Rockhyun sang Jonghwan’s part / Jonghwan sang Chanyong’s part / Chanyong sang Hyukjin’s part / Changbum sang Rockhyun’s part / Hyukjin sang Changbum’s part 

Changbum did a good job on being “Rockhyun” especially when he did the splits perfectly! >//< 

Rockhyun tried to do Jonghwan’s “triple spins” but fumbled at the end (lol) and then everyone was trying to do the spins with Hyukjin being a total failure (lol)

Jonghwan’s “Chanyong” rap was as expected, well done! 

Poor Chanyong didn’t know that Hyukjin has so many lines in the song that he kept singing, especially during the chorus and collapsed on the floor when he tried to reach the high notes (lol) 

Hyukjin forgotten he was “Changbum” that Changbum himself had to give him cues “Hyukjin-ah! My part!” 


BONUS: High 5 

Truthfully, this wasn’t my first time meeting and talking to the members so I wasn’t overly excited or anything but it has been some time since I last met them too. My heart still flutters seeing them up close because their smiles are the best and they smiled a lot that day. 

Rockhyun and Changbum seemed to remember me and especially for Changbum, I’m not sure if he did it for everyone but he held onto my hands longer than I expected and even intertwined our fingers together (o.O”) which I will just take it as a sign he remembers that’s all. 


Night Session 

[NOTE: The performance order is the same as the afternoon session so I’ll just write about the talk sessions]  

It rained heavily, a sudden evening downpour after the afternoon session ended and many fans who had no umbrella were caught in the rain (including me lol). The concert started at 18:30. 

Talk 1: After the self-introduction

Chanyong and Changbum were left on the stage when the other 3 members suddenly went backstage to get something (towels? water bottles?) 

Changbum: Is everyone alright? Because it’s raining heavily suddenly. 

Chanyong: Please be careful not to catch a cold. 

(The other members came back to join the Rapper Line)

Jonghwan: It’s raining now isn’t it?

Changbum: I’ve mentioned it earlier. 

Chanyong: Have you eaten your dinner? 

Rockhyun: We like rainy days. 

Chanyong: I went to the toilet before the concert started just now and it was so clean that I felt so happy.

Jonghwan: Everyone knows JjuJju right? (Changbum’s new kitten) 

Changbum: My kitten.

Jonghwan: Don’t you think that JjuJju looks like Changbum?

Audience: -some said Yes, some said No- (lol)

Hyukjin: Small face, big nose… -laughs-

Changbum: Not long ago, JjuJju had a shock when he/she went into Chanyong’s room.

Chanyong: He thinks it’s the toilet. 


Talk: Before the Game Corner starts

MC: I saw Chanyong touching the members butts during break time earlier. 

Chanyong: Don’t misunderstand. I was just playing around with the members.

MC: He’s really a perverted guy. 

Game Corner: 100% YES or NO

The MC will ask the members personal questions to which the members have to answer either YES or NO and audience have to guess before the members reveal their answers. Audience who got the question right remained standing while those who got it wrong have to sit down. The last remaining standing audience member wins. 

Hyukjin: Your hometown is in Busan (YES)

Jonghwan: You can’t wake up easily in the morning (NO)

(The other members pointed out Changbum to be the one who can’t wake up easily in the morning)

Changbum: You have a pet dog (NO)

(He only has JjuJju) ^^ 

Rockhyun: You prefer bread than rice (NO) 

(He had a hard time deciding the answer since he doesn’t know whether he loves bread or rice more but we all know he loves rice cakes)

Chanyong: Personally, you think you look good with blond/brown hair (NO)

(He likes his hair to be black)

Hyukjin: You prefer to sleep more than eat (NO) 

(He used the method “If he has only 1 hour a day to sleep or to eat” to decide on his answer for this question) 

Jonghwan: You’ve been to Japan before (not as 100% member but a normal tourist) (NO)

Changbum: You were in charge of vocals when you were first chosen to be a member of 100% (YES) 

(He was chosen for his vocals during audition)

Rockhyun: Your hometown is in Gyeonggi-do Prefecture (YES)

Chanyong: You’re the crybaby of the group (NO initially but YES in the end)

(He personally denied he’s a crybaby and pointed out that Rockhyun is a crybaby but Rockhyun defended himself saying “I’ve never cried even once as a member of 100%”. The other members agreed and Changbum added “Although Chanyong normally seemed cold and emotionless, he’s actually very emotional and cries easily when he watches sad movies”.) 

The winner: A little girl (about 4 years old?) with her mother and older brother (about 5-6 years old?)

The little girl is a fan of Rockhyun and Rockhyun immediately walked up to her and carried her in his arms like a father (aww~). He put her down and pinched her cheeks. She was pretty calm throughout the whole thing. The mother is also Rockhyun’s fan and she talked a lot with Rockhyun on the stage. The older brother is a fan of Changbum but when Changbum walked over to pick him up “Yo bro!” the little boy retreated and rejected Changbum’s offer. (lol) The family got a signed poster for being the winner and at the end, Changbum commented “The little boy is wearing very cool shoes. He’ll grow up to be like me in the future”. (lol)


Talk 2: Talking about their memorable events in Japan

Rockhyun: I mentioned about shopping in the afternoon session so I’ll talk about how I’m amazed by the “Yakisoba Pan” (bread topped with fried noodles) that I bought one and tried it myself. 

Changbum: We received gifts from the fans and among them, there were snacks shaped exactly the same as Tonkatsu (deep fried breaded cutlets) [it’s called Sauce Katsu] and I was really fascinated by it. 

Chanyong: I love watching Japanese animes and grew up reading mangas especially One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tale, Crayon Shin Chan and Chibi Maruko Chan. 

(Chanyong starts to sing the Chibi Maruko Chan Opening song which they sang during last year’s Christmas Concert game corner)

Jonghwan: I talked about the food and Japanese drama so I’ll talk more about the Japanese drama now. I really like Boys Over Flower (Hana Yori Dango). 

(Jonghwan starts to sing Arash’s Wish, the OST for the drama which they also sang during last year’s Christmas Concert)

Jonghwan: -he mentioned a few Japanese drama titles and the only one I remembered was Nodame Cantabile- Are these Japanese dramas really popular in Japan?

Audience: Yes~ 

Jonghwan: Ah~ Okay~ 

Chanyong: And finally there’s Perfections. I really remember all of you. Each and one of you. 

Jonghwan: Oh really? 

Changbum: So who is that girl sitting over there? -pointing to a random fan in the audience-

Chanyong: Ah! I know her of course! 

Changbum: What’s her name? Her name. 

Chanyong: Ah~ Of course I remember her…ah….I’ll ask her later. I’m sorry. (lol)


Talk 3: Talking about Summer Hero and Arashi’s Happiness

Jonghwan: We sang Arashi’s Happiness just now right? How was it? 

Audience: Great! -cheers and applauses-

Rockhyun: We really paid attention to our pronunciations and I hope you enjoyed it! (aww~ they really did a good job! >//<)

Chanyong: And if you watch closely, all of us have different positions at the starting of Summer Hero. Did you notice it?

Audience: -not everyone noticed it-

Chanyong: We’ll show it to you again. Look closely.  

Rockhyun & Changbum - doing the Bad Boy dance position

Jonghwan - doing the Beat kneeling-on-the-floor chorus dance position 

Hyukjin - doing the love bullet U Beauty dance position

Chanyong: This is called the 100% dance museum. 

Rockhyun: And if you listen to the lyrics, those are our messages for Perfections. What we want to tell Perfections is that you are our Hero(es). 


Encore Song 1: Bad Boy

Chanyong stumbled and collapsed on the floor half-way through the performance (T___T) Jonghwan helped him to get up and throughout the remaining performance, the other members kept looking at Chanyong with worried looks on their faces and I noticed especially Changbum was really worried about him. 

But thanks to Chanyong’s strong determination and professionalism, he successfully completed the performance right to the end. Everyone cheered loudly for him and many fans cried after that.


Talk 4: Ending Talk

Jonghwan: Chanyong really worked hard to put up a good performance for Perfections today even though he hurt his leg but his injury isn’t serious so please don’t worry too much about it. I’m sure he’ll make a full recovery and show a perfect performance on the stage again soon.

Chanyong: I’m happy that we’ve successfully wrapped up both the afternoon and night sessions of this Japan concert and be able to spend memorable times with Perfections.

Jonghwan: Thank you to everyone and we’ll meet you again so please cheer and show many love for us then. 

Changbum: We’ve come to the end of the concert and I’m already missing everyone. 

Jonghwan: I can see a few Perfections crying…shall we cheer everyone up with another encore song? Can you do it Chanyong? 

Chanyong: I’ll do my best.

Hyukjin: Stay healthy everyone and please support us (he said this in a sad, melancholy tone that Changbum gave him a kick on his butt for making the atmosphere even more gloomy)

(Then the members realized Hyukjin’s mascara? eye makeup? was running down on his face)

Changbum: Hyukjin! You’re crying tears of blood! Are you alright?

(Jonghwan and Changbum quickly wiped it away for him)

Rockhyun: Thank you for coming to our concert today and since it rained heavily just now, please go back safely. It’s a pity to just end it here right? Let’s sing another song. 



Thanks to leapeachy for your notes! 

Thank You as always Shiroi…i cried on Chanyong’s part…omg 100% members please dont give up We love you guys…Perfections are here for you….

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